Ashoka invests in people. We search the world for leading social entrepreneurs and through an intensive, human-centred approach, select them into our global Fellowship. This five-step selection is known as the 'Venture Process'.

1. Ashoka receives nominations from the Ashoka Nominator Network and the wider community.


2. The Venture team researches the nominees, their ideas and the problems they are tackling. Shortlisted candidates are invited for a first interview.


3. A senior Ashoka representative interviews each candidate in person, applying Ashoka's criteria, enquiring into the candidate's record and assessing their capacity for creating systematic change.


4. Ashoka convenes four leading social and business entrepreneurs to assess the candidate's idea and potential impact in relation to the local context. The panel needs to decide by consensus whether to recommend the candidate to the final stage.


5. The Venture team writes a profile about the candidate demonstrating how each of the criteria have been satisfied. Ashoka's Global Board of Directors provides a final review on each of the candidates based on their profiles and panel recommendations.