The Changemaker Schools selection criteria considers four main areas of focus.


  • VISION: In both aspiration and practice, the school is fostering pupils as changemakers with the skills of empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork. They may be far advanced in these efforts or just beginning, but school leadership is committed to this vision and has already demonstrated this commitment.

  • ACTIVE LEARNING: Pupils are active contributors, learning in an environment of facilitation. Experiential learning permeates the school day.

  • INNOVATION: The school has demonstrated an ability and willingness to develop and test new ideas. The school’s leadership encourages a culture of innovation throughout the school and its community.

  • INFLUENCE: The Changemaker School – regardless of size or location – has the capacity to inspire other schools.


The Changemaker Schools selection process consists of five stages. A decision regarding suitability and progression to the next stage is made after each of the first four stages.


  1. NOMINATION – A network of experienced educationalists sharing Ashoka’s vision nominate schools and provide a rationale. An initial assessment is made by an extended group of Nominators and the Ashoka team, and a long list of schools is selected.

  2. EXPLORATION – Long listed schools are contacted, introduced to the programme and informed that they have been nominated by one of our team of Nominators. If they agree to be involved, both parties explore a potential fit through conversations and school visits.

  3. SELF-EVALUATION – The schools complete a set of reflective questions about their work. Based on this work a shortlist is selected.

  4. PANEL – The Change Leadership in the shortlisted schools is invited to join a conversation with the Changemaker Schools panel to evaluate the criteria fit.

  5. SELECTION – A finial list of Changemaker Schools is identified.