Specialisterne (The Specialists), is leading a global movement to create 1 million jobs for people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Copenhagen-based firm now has 51 employees, including 37 with autism, and revenues of $2 million. 80-90% of employees work at corporate partner sites, such as SAP, Microsoft, and Deloitte. In Ireland it is aiming to create 50 jobs for people with an ASD in 5 years.

Citymart.com connects cities with innovative solutions to urban problems. Through a ‘Calls For Solutions’ process, cities go through a 12-month cycle from articulating a need to overseeing a completed pilot. In partnership with Dublin City Council, Citymart has launched Cities Pilot to End Poverty, inviting 30 cities to run a ‘Call For Solutions’ at an event in Dublin.

Siel Bleu helps older people maintain the ability to function independently and retain social connections. With an emphasis on prevention, Siel Bleu offers unique physical training to delay the onset of age-related impairment and disease. Founded in France and brought to Ireland through Ashoka in 2010, Siel Bleu now serves over 1,000 people weekly in Irish nursing homes.

Playworks trains teachers and community volunteers to re-imagine break and recreation time to increase physical activity for students while teaching cooperation, conflict resolution and teamwork. Playworks pilot projects have launched in Galway and Dublin since 2013, through the Galway Education Centre and Galway Educate Together N.S., an Ashoka Changemaker School.

Roots of Empathy is classroom program that reduces aggression among schoolchildren by raising their empathy and emotional competence. Students are instructed to observe a visiting infant and parent in class, thereby reflecting on their own feelings and interactions with others. Roots of Empathy has reached over 450,000 children in 18,000 classrooms worldwide, including over 3,000 in Ireland. There are 65 Roots of Empathy programmes operating in Ireland, with a further 98 in Northern Ireland.

Dr. Sanjeev Arora’s Project ECHO uses video-conferencing technology and case-based learning to allow consultants to train primary care providers from rural areas. In New Mexico, the ECHO methodology has reduced waiting lists from 8 months to just 8 weeks. Connolly Hospital Dublin, Galway University Hospital and Cork University Hospital, along with the NHS in Northern Ireland, have all built ECHO programmes into their hospitals since 2013.