Ashoka seeks to catalyse change across the educational ecosystem so that every young person is provided with the changemaking skills of empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork.


Over 1,000 of global Ashoka Fellows are focused on education and the development of young people.

The world of repetition - of mastering a task or trade and doing it over and over - has been replaced by one of rapid change. New rules, openness, and connectivity require different sets of skills. Ashoka believes that every young person should be given the opportunity to develop a skill-set that will allow them to unleash the full potential in themselves and be active in changing their world for the better - to be a changemaker.

Changemaker skills of empathy, creativity, leadership and teamwork are developed as a direct result of a person’s experience. It is evident that schools are the places in which we make our most systematic attempts to develop young people. However, our priorities in school - the ways in which we judge and assess young people - reveal limited and often limiting conceptions of achievement and intelligence.


Ashoka aims to catalyse changes throughout schools and the wider education system so that every young person is provided with an education experience that is explicitly designed to foster changemaker skills.

To achieve this, we are selecting, supporting and disseminating the work of exceptional schools - schools that are providing pupils with opportunities to create and lead from a young age and to develop skills that unleash the full potential in themselves and in others.

In 2012, Ashoka launched the Changemaker Schools programme and has since selected and supported over 150 schools from across the US, Africa, Asia and Europe, with nine in Ireland.

There are three central tenants to the Changemaker Schools programme:


  1. SELECTING SCHOOLS: We have adapted our methodology for selecting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs to identify and recruit a global network of Changemaker Schools that share our vision, and have a track record of innovation and influence.

  2. SUPPORTING SCHOOLS: Changemaker Schools join a global community of innovative schools with the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and collaborate on programmes. They are also connected with leading social entrepreneurs to explore the implementation of new programmes and methodologies.

  3. DISSEMINATING BEST PRACTICES: Ashoka is aggregating and disseminating the best examples of innovative education practices from across the world through its online platform and media partnerships.   


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Our Summer 2017 Changemaker Schools Newsletter


We have launched a new quarterly Changemaker Schools newsletter to focus on highlighting our current schools as well as some key updates in the education sector across the globe.

The latest editions of the news letter will be posted below.



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