Nominate an Ashoka Fellow

If you are interested in nominating a social entrepreneur to the Ashoka Fellowship, we welcome any information about a candidate and their work that you can provide. Ashoka recognizes that it cannot possibly source the world’s leading social entrepreneurs on its own. Good nominators ensure that Ashoka receives a constant flow of promising candidates as well as an invaluable perspective on the current innovation in the sector. We depend on you to guide us to the hidden gems and unrecognized visionaries out there! We thank you in advance.Please also read through the five Ashoka Fellow Selection Criteria carefully to make sure the nominee fits our understanding of a leading social entrepreneur.

Please refer to the brief eligibility quiz below to help assess your candidate’s fit with Ashoka. 

Ashoka Fellow Eligibility Quiz


Y or N Is your candidate the founder of their own independent organization?

Y or N Has your candidate created his own initiatives in the past?

Y or N Is your candidate’s work a genuinely new idea or approach?

Y or N Do you find your candidate and their work unusual and compelling?

Y or N Does your candidate have a big vision for his work--will it expand nationally or internationally?

Y or N Does your candidate’s work have significant social impact on a broad level?

Y or N Is your candidate focused on the “how-to”s as much as the big picture?

Y or N Does your candidate have the organizational acumen, savvy and focus to make his idea a success on the ground?

Y or N Do you trust your candidate without hesitation?