Ashoka Support Network


Business Leaders For Social Transformation

The Ashoka Support Network (ASN) is a fast-growing global community of over 400 business leaders. ASN members are business entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, top executives and consultants. Their advice and participation is integral to the success of our Ashoka Fellows and the organization as a whole.

There are currently 24 ASN members in Ireland, each with engagmement plans that suit their interests and availability. They engage with Fellows in personal meetings and serve on advisory boards for strategic decision-making. 


Meet our ASN Members



A Global Community

Ashoka has always found inspiration in business entrepreneurship and has pioneered its translation into the social realm. Through ASN we are creating an entrepreneurial community that builds business-social bridges through people. We are building a network of business entrepreneurs and professionals around the globe to support and engage with our rapidly expanding network of social entrepreneurs.

By creating a vibrant community for learning and sharing to achieve social impact, our aim is to redefine the terms of engagement between the business and social realms. In addition to the Ashoka Support Network, we are bridging the business and social sector through the Ashoka Corporate Network and a number of vital strategic partners.


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Why join the ASN?

  • IMPACT - Invest finance, expertise and networks in the highest potential social entrepreneurs, maximising social return on investment.

  • NETWORK - Join a powerful global network of social entrepreneurs and business leaders committed to social transformation.

  • KNOWLEDGE - Learn about the new trends and innovations developed by the world's leading social entrepreneurs that could transform your organisation.


What do we expect from ASN members?

  • A three-year financial commitment of a minimum of EUR10,000 per year.

  • Willingness to share your skills, experience and personal relations with Ashoka Fellows.

  • Commitment to being part of and expanding our ASN network.


For more information about the Ashoka Support Network, contact Rebecca Kilbane at