Ashoka Ireland

Ashoka Ireland has elected 13 of Ireland’s leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows.

Our Fellows have models that are globally unique and high impact: they are working on areas ranging from empowering older people and the disabled, treating malnutrition in Africa, providing global free education, to building mass movements of food growers and young coders. 


Beginning with a small base of Irish Fellows, Ashoka Ireland also looked to import the most innovative ideas and institutions from other Ashoka Fellows around the world. In 2009, the Localizer programme was launched to support incoming social entrepreneurs with market research, networking and fundraising meetings, office services, consulting services, access to Ashoka friends and advisory councils.           

Following the success of Localizer programmes such as Roots of Empathy (Canada) and Siel Bleu (France), Ashoka Ireland launched Change Nation in March 2012 - bringing together 50 of the world's leading social entrepreneuers to spread their proven solutions to some of Ireland's biggest social, economic and environmental challenges.

“Ashoka made me believe big was possible. You have to believe big before you can achieve big.”   - Caroline Casey – Founder, Kanchi & The Ability Awards

We are organised as a 'team of teams', with a staff of 6, a group of 25 Change Executives and an ever-expanding network of advisors and co-creators who are building teams around each of the Change Nation solutions.

Critical to our work is the Ashoka Support Network, as well as our corporate partners providing pro-bono marketing, financial and legal services. Along with a young entrepreneurial team, a first class network of strategic advisors, and exciting plans, we have built a strong platform for accelerated growth over the coming years.


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